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(Limu Moui is a brown seaweed that has been consumed by Tongans for over three thousand years. It has a reputation for fighting disease and promoting good health, and it has recently been the focus of scientific study for its cancer-fighting abilities. In fact, this nutrient-packed sea plant offers many health benefits, including cholesterol and blood sugar control, antioxidant fortification, and immune-boosting capabilities.)



97 Reasons To Drink Original Limu

Treasured by the Tongans of the South Pacific for 3,000 years, Limu has developed a reputation for promoting good health and fighting disease.

Scientists have discovered Limu's amazing benefits can be attributed to its complex carbohydrates, called polysacchrides, as well as its glyconutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Fucoidan--the most exciting of them all--has been cited in more that 650 research studies around the world.


1 Reduces Hyperactivity: Amino acids and polyphenois (antioxidants) in Limu are able to bind to heavy metals in the urinary tract, preventing a build up in the bloodstream. Heavy metals have been linked to learning disorders and hyperactivity in children.


2 Lessens Allergies: Fucoidan may lessen allergic reactions by stimulating interleukin 12 and interferon-fA production, proteins which suppress lgE production. Too much lgE causes sneezing, wheezing and nasal inflammation.
3 Relieves Allergic Inflammation: Fucoidan has anti-inflammatory properties which can also help reduce discomfort of allergies and skin disorders.
4 Alleviates Sinusitis: Limu’s anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties can alleviate a variety of sinus conditions.
5 Reduces Congestion: Limu’s mucilage helps the body hold moisture which can reduce congestion.


6 Lowers Cholesterol: The Journal of Nutrition cited data showing fucoidan alters the activity of liver enzymes that control the way fatty acids are metabolized, resulting in lower cholesterol levels in the blood.
7 Improves Blood Pressure: Studies show Limu’s fucoidan improves blood pressure levels.


8 Breaks Down Dangerous Cells: A Japanese study showed fucoidan causes apoptosis—where DNA within cancer cells is broken down by the cell’s own enzymes.
9 Slows Tumor Growth: Studies show that fucoidan effectively blocks the G1 phase of cell division, discouraging the growth of malignant tumors in tests using human bronchopulmonary carcinoma cells.
10 Inhibits Malignant Cells: Limu’s fucoidan stimulates production of interleukin and interferon compounds, inhibiting malignant cell growth. Limu’s lamarin also has anti-cancer compounds.
11 No Side Effects: Doctors in Japan have found no side effects from fucoidan supplementation in the treatment of colon and lung cancer as well as leukemia.
12 Inhibits Cancer Cell Growth: Limu’s fucoidan helps the immune surveillance system recognize and inhibit cancer cell growth.
13 Constrains Carcinogenic Transformation: Limu compounds can inhibit transformation to phospholipids to carcinogenic substances.
14 Inhibits Carcinogenic Bowel Toxins: Limu’s compounds inhibit the creation of carcinogenic flora in the bowel.
15 Reduces Cancer Risk: The Limu plant has compounds that reduce the risk of certain cancers by reducing plasma cholesterol.


16 Balances Blood Sugar: Limu’s fucoidan can slow the infusion of glucose into the bloodstream, which stabilizes blood sugar levels.
17 Inhibits Insulin Over-Response: Fucoidan’s affect on glucose can help prevent excessive insulin responses in diabetics, reducing the chance of hypoglycemia.


18 Improves GI Function: Consistent fucoidan supplementation in studies, showed improved function of the upper gastro intestinal tract, according to studies conducted in Tokyo.
19 Reduces Occurrence of Ulcers: The Yakult Central Institute for Microbiological Research reported that C-fucoidan prevented the attachment of H.pylori (ulcer causing bacteria) to stomach lining cells.
20 Relieves Peritonitis: Limu’s fucoidan presence may inhibit inflammation-causing white cells from migrating to the stomach lining, helping reduce peritonitic inflammation.
21 Alleviates Constipation: Limu’s mucilage helps the body hold moisture which can reduce constipation.
22 Helps with Colon Diseases:
See Reason # 18 Improves GI Functions
23 Reduces Indigestion:
See Reason # 18 Improves GI Functions


24 Aids in Skin Repair: Japanese scientists reported in Biological Pharmacology Bulletin that fucoidan boosts the production of the integrin protein, which aids in skin repair.
25 Boosts Wound Healing: The same report states that fucoidan promotes the contraction of collagen gel, boosting healing.
26 Speeds Skin Healing: Laboratory tests suggest compounds in Limu shorten the skin cell replacement cycle, causing skin to heal faster and wrinkle more slowly.
27 Hydrates Hair: Limu’s alginic acid helps it resist drying out from sun exposure.
28 Helps Skin Retain Moisture: Limu’s mucilage provides protection for delicate membranes and helps hold in moisture.
29 Improves Moisture Absorption: Mucilage enhance the absorption of water molecules in the skin, reducing skin dryness.
30 Firms Skin: Limu’s mucilage contributes to making the skin firm and resilient.
31 Strengthens Hair, Nails & Skin: Limu’s mucilage can strengthen hair, nails and skin.
32 Reduce Wrinkles: Mucilage can help reduce wrinkles by boosting skin regeneration.
33 Restores Hair: Externally applied Limu gels and compresses, combined with internal supplements, may aid hair restoration from loss due to chemotherapy or radiation treatments.


34 Nutrients Easily Absorbed: Limu’s 70+ vitamins and minerals are used by the body quickly and efficiently.
35 Strengthens Bones & Teeth: Limu is rich in calcium.
36 Fights Depression: Limu is rich in magnesium, considered elemental in fighting depression.
37 Builds Healthier Blood: The Limu plant absorbs iron from the pure South Pacific waters. Iron is necessary for healthy blood and prevention of anemia.
38 Improves Thyroid Health: Limu absorbs zinc and iodine crucial for optimal thyroid health.
39 Alleviates Mood Disorders: Limu is a rich source of natural vitamins B1, B2, B12 and lecithin, which help battle symptoms of moodiness.


40 Nature’s Perfect Food: Limu contains a unique polysaccharide called fucoidan, whose chemical composition closely resembles human breast milk.
41 Resists Colds & Flu: Limu has more vitamin C than oranges.
42 Natural Antibiotic: Limu’s fucoidan has the same antibodies as human breast milk.
43 Strengthens Immune System: Limu’s fucoidan stimulates production of vital immune cells, helping the body battle against bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, even cancer cells and helps mitigate dozens of autoimmune disorders.
44 Protects Against Disease: Limu’s glyconutrients encourage “Natural Killer” (NK) cells to fight disease, enabling better protection from tissue breakdown.
45 Speeds Immune Response: Limu’s glyconutrients also encourage NK cell and B-cell regeneration, speeding up the body’s immune response.
46 Stronger White Blood Cells: Glyconutrients in Limu aids white blood cells to better destroy infectious microorganisms.
47 Fights Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria: Limu’s fucoidan has powerful immune-boosting components that can strengthen the body’s fight against antibiotic resistant bacteria.


48 Reduces Liver Problems: Fucoidan can significantly enhance the production of hepatocyte growth factor (HGF), which stimulates regeneration of liver cells, reducing the risk of hepatitis, cirrhosis and liver failure.
49 Aids Proper Scar Formation: Fucoidan’s effect on HGF boosts production of skin cells, vital to scar formation.
50 Improves Tissue Healing: HGF boosts tissue healing by inhibiting the prevention of regeneration, challenging degenerative diseases such as diabetes and artherosclerosis.
51 Improves Joint Health: Fucoidan’s effect on HGF boosts cartilage regeneration.
52 Strengthens Heart Muscle Cells: HGF increases production of heart muscle cells, which may help pulmonary fibrosis.
53 Slows Aging: Studies show HGF slows the deterioration associated with aging by inhibiting a substance in the body that prevents the regeneration of tissue.


54 Aids Liver Repair: Fucoidan stimulates better liver cell regeneration/tissue replacement.
55 Stimulates Tissue Replacement: Fucoidan stimulates tissue replacement in organs and the skin. This is especially important for surgery recovery.
56 Helps Cope with Stress: Limu can help the body cope with stress by keeping it supplied with restorative compounds and minerals. Also Limu’s nutritional boost allows the mind to be reassured the body is receiving optimal nutrition.
57 Natural Detoxifier: Limu alginate is a natural detoxifier.
58 Reduces Chronic Fatigue: Due to Limu’s anti-inflammatory and energy-producing capability.


59 Improves Stroke Damage: Limu’s Fucoidan has strong anti-inflammatory properties that may help minimize brain damage and memory impairment in stroke sufferers.
60 Lowers Stroke Risk: There is evidence Limu’s Fucoidan discourages the formation of blood clots, lowering the risk of both heart attacks and strokes. The Department of Surgical Sciences in Stockholm concluded that the anti-coagulating properties of fucoidan are more potent than the commonly prescribed Heparin.
61 Inhibits Blood Clots: Limu’s lamarin is a natural anti-clotting compound.


62 Breaks Down Fat: Lecithin in Limu may help break down fatty deposits under the skin.
63 Satisfies Appetite: The high mucilage content of Limu helps satisfy hunger.
64 Eliminates Cravings: Limu’s balance of nutrients, often eliminates food cravings.
65 Thyroid Stimulation: The iodine in Limu can stimulate an underactive thyroid, which has been linked to slower metabolism and weight gain.
66 Improves Metabolism: The organic iodine in Limu also supports increased metabolism function.
67 Helps Reduce Obesity: As Limu helps stabilize blood sugars, food can be used as energy rather than stored as fat.


68 Relieves Meningitis Swelling
69 Relieves Earaches
70 Relieves Eye Inflammation
71 Relieves Gingivitis
72 Relieves Headaches
73 Relieves Pain
74 Relieves Sore Throats
75 Relieves Backaches
76 Relieves Toothaches
77 Relieves Boils
78 Relieves Arthritis
79 Relieves Prostate Swelling
80 Relieves Fibromyalgia
81 Immune System Booster: Limu’s Fucoidan can do what no synthetic drug can: fight bacteria while boosting the immune system rather than weakening it. 
82 Helps Fight Viruses: Limu’s fucoidan increases the production of some types of interleukins and interferons secreted by immune cells (like T cells). This can be an effective treatment against viruses that cause hepatitis, chronic fatigue and even AIDS.
83 Herpes (Cold Sores) Relief: Fucoidan may be beneficial for people who suffer from chronic viral infections such as herpes or cytomegalovirus, which can cause miscarriages and birth defects.
84 Halts Viruses: Fucoidan has been shown to bind to enveloped viruses, interfering with their ability to attach to host cells and preventing replication.
85 Specialized Immune Support: Laboratory tests show fucoidan boosts the level of immune defense cells specifically designed to attack invaders that are present, rather than boosting random defense cells.
86 Reduces Fever
87 Relieves Mouth Sores
88 Alleviates Strep Infections
89 Minimizes Respiratory Infections


90 Improves Hormone Levels: A combination of soy and Limu’s fucoidan impacts hormone levels in postmenopausal women.
91 Protects Against Tumor Malignancy: A University of South Carolina study demonstrates that soy and fucoidan work synergistically, possibly protecting against the formation of malignant breast tumors.
92 Protects From Steroids: Protects against the negative effects of steroids.
93 Protects Breast Tissue: Limu helps protect breast tissue against pollutants and toxins.
94 Contributes to Breast Health: Limu supplies vital trace minerals that protect breast tissue.
95 Alleviates Premenstrual Distress: Limu is a rich source of vitamins B1, B2 and B12.
96 Alleviates Bladder Infections:
See Reason # 85 Specialized Immune Support
97 Reduces Yeast Infections:
See Reason # 85 Specialized Immune Support

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and dietary supplements are not intended to cure, prevent or treat any illness or disease. These experiences are provided for informational purposes and are not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or other medical professional. If you have or suspect you have a medical problem, promptly contact your health care provider. Rita Elkin's book, "Limu Moui: Prize Sea Plant of the South Pacific," is an independent publication and is not endorsed in any way by The Limu Company.


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